Legian Art Market

Legian Art Market is the best place to shopping in Legian and a step up in both variety and quality once you leave the confines of neighbouring Kuta and is also a less stressful experience for most tourists. Legian Art Market, exactly in front of our hotel, you can buy all kinds of Balinese clothing and souvenirs. You can choose and be able to bid to get a better price. Bargaining is part and parcel of the shopping experience and you can expect plenty of good natured banter before an agreeable price is reached. Happy Shopping LOFTers.

Legian beach

Legian tourist attraction in Bali is very famous abroad, located on the north coast of Kuta. Legian beach has white sand beaches like Kuta and relatively quiet compared to Kuta beach in Bali. Many Australian tourists choosing Bali Legian tourist places, because so many inns and hotels that offer rental rates that cost less expensive.Other Bali Legian tourist thing there are plenty of places for night life, review as nightclubs. Distance from “Loft Legian Hotel” just 5 minutes by walk.