7 benefits


Business is growth so FAST now, also a lot of Online Business Marketing is BOOMING. More simple method of buying and payment made people choose ONLINE shopping.

And, LOFT Legian Hotel is care about it, so we are improve our better service of selling by 7 Reason, why customers should book direct to Hotel than OTA’S?

1. FREE Upgrade to UP room Categories

2. FREE Early Check IN 2 Hours (based on Availability)

3. FREE Late Check Out 2 Hours (based on Availability)

4. WELCOME Drink and LOFT Bracelet

5. FREE Beach Sarong LOFT with Min Stay*

6. DISCOUNT 15% for Laundry Service

7. DISCOUNT 10% for take LUNCH or Dinner at Bale Udang Mang Engking*


So, please contact us now for GET all above at info@loftlegianhotel.com or 0361 760027.

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