The 37th Annual Bali Kites Festival(s) 2016

Loft Legian Hotel is one of budget-friendly hotel in Legian area that is perfect place to stay with family and friends. Loft Legian Hotel is 5 minutes away to the beach, close to legian art market, cafes and restaurant. If you stay at Loft Legian Hotel on October we have recommendation for an event for you to visit, The 37th Annual Bali Kites Festival(s) 2016. It is an annual event that will be set along Padang Galak beach at Sanur area or about 14 kilos from Legian Area. The purpose of the event is to promote local culture and sanur area to domestic and foreign tourists.
The Bali Kite Festival is slated for its 37th year, as an annual feast among the Balinese as they regard the art of kite making and piloting highly. The event is also anticipated by the international community as it provides rare opportunities to enjoy gigantic traditional kites built with contemporary designs. The festival usually takes place around the start of the windy season, somewhere between the end of June through August and even until October. The agrarian background of the Balinese largely contributes to this kite-flying tradition, when these months usually provide open fields after harvests. Prepare yourself to watching the most attractive,unique local culture and modern kites that you never seen before by only 30 minutes driving from the Loft Legian Hotel.

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