Legian Night Life

After spending a whole day at the beach, do you have another plan to spend the night beside dinner? Do you know that Loft Legian Hotel is located very close to the nightlife scene? Only by 5 minute walks from the hotel, you can find any kinds of club or bar that might be suitable for you. There are more than 10 night clubs and bars you can find.

Legian Street is always cramped with crowd of overseas and domestic tourist who love nightlife. Nightclub for sure is the best choice for those who have nowhere to go at night. Most of the nightclubs and bars are located close to Bali’s Ground Zero Monument; the remembrance of Bali’s first bombing tragedy. You can also notice the names and country origin of the victims.

Legian nightlife is as hip as its day life, have fun, be safe and don’t go too mad.