How to Bargain in Traditional or Art Market

If you stay at The Loft Legian Hotel and looking for unique handicraft or souvenir (present or something unique), with a quiet walk for around 5 – 10 meters from the hotel you can find art market or traditional market nearby. Moreover, you should be good at bargaining, because the sellers usually open with high “Traveler’s Price” instead of price for locals.
Here are some tips on how to bargain at art market. First you have to do is bonding with the seller, but always remember to do a little survey on the standard price of the stuffs. Second, try to bargain with layered prices, start with lowest price, ranging from the one-third or half the price. Increase the price gradually. But don’t forget to use a familiar and friendly tone to the seller. It will make bargain process easier. Third, buying in large quantity with help you in negotiating for lower price. Hopefully these tips will help you. Happy shopping!!!