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Budget Hotel Five star Facilities

Loft Legian Hotel is one of Budget hotel in the heart Legian with five stars Facilities.

Loft Legian Hotel have Local and International Channel television with LED TV, FREE Wi-Fi at all room and area, Safety Deposit Box, Excellent service staff.

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The 37th Annual Bali Kites Festival(s) 2016

Loft Legian Hotel is one of budget-friendly hotel in Legian area that is perfect place to stay with family and friends. Loft Legian Hotel is 5 minutes away to the beach, close to legian art market, cafes and restaurant. If you stay at Loft Legian Hotel on October we have recommendation for an event for you to visit, The 37th Annual Bali Kites Festival(s) 2016. It is an annual event that will be set along Padang Galak beach at Sanur area or about 14 kilos from Legian Area. The purpose of the event is to promote local culture and sanur area to domestic and foreign tourists.
The Bali Kite Festival is slated for its 37th year, as an annual feast among the Balinese as they regard the art of kite making and piloting highly. The event is also anticipated by the international community as it provides rare opportunities to enjoy gigantic traditional kites built with contemporary designs. The festival usually takes place around the start of the windy season, somewhere between the end of June through August and even until October. The agrarian background of the Balinese largely contributes to this kite-flying tradition, when these months usually provide open fields after harvests. Prepare yourself to watching the most attractive,unique local culture and modern kites that you never seen before by only 30 minutes driving from the Loft Legian Hotel.

Hangout at Monokrom Bar

Loft Legian Hotel is strategically located between Legian and Seminyak area. We have for you to visit, close to Loft Legian Hotel perfect for those who want to have breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea and coffee, meeting with friends or dinner, Monokrom Coffee and Bar. This place is ready to serve you and also perfect for hangout because Monokrom has combination of industrial and vintage concept for the interior designs.

Don’t forget to try imported coffee with signature blend from some countries, liquor coffee, bailey’s Irish coffee, Jamaican coffee and many more. It should be perfect for coffee lovers. If you are not a coffee drinker, Monokrom also has great selection of cocktails, wine and spirit, juices, milkshake, mocktails, smoothies and more. And how about food? Monokrom serves Asian, Mexican, and Italian foods. Located at Jalan Legian 358A or less than 5 minutes’ walking distance from Loft Legian Hotel. Open daily 9 AM – 11 PM.

Photo source: tripadvisor

Balinale International Film Festival 2016

If you stay at Loft Legian Hotel this week, we have recommendation to visit for you, our family and friends. There will be annual film festival, Balinale International Film Festival 2016. This festival will be held in Cinemaxx Lippo Mall Kuta, Bali from 24-30 September 2016. It is located on Jalan Kartika Plaza Kuta or around 15 minutes away from Loft Legian Hotel.

What will you find on the festival? You will find 100 films from 31 countries, including Indonesia. there will be 20 films to be screened on this film festival. Is should be fun, right? This is perfect for a movie lover. It is 10th Balinale Festival, and will also host various workshops, seminars and discussions. Aside from indoor activities, outdoor ones will also be held during the festival on Cinemaxx Lippo Mall Kuta, Bali.

See you there!

Photo source: www.visitindonesia.co.in

Legian Beach Festival 26-29 August 2016

Loft Legian Hotel is one of budget-friendly hotel in Legian area that is perfect place to stay with family and friends. Loft Legian Hotel is 5 minutes away to beach, close to legian art market, cafes and restaurant. If you stay at Loft Legian Hotel on August we have recommendation for an event for you to visit, Legian Beach Festival. It is an annual event that will be set along 700 meters of Legian Beachfront start from The Stones Hotel to Padma Resort on 26-29 August 2016. The purpose of the event is to promote and introduce Legian to domestic and foreign tourists.

It will be the 9th year of Lively Legian Beach Festival and this event is all about Bali’s art and culture, Indonesia Festival culinary, fashion parade, watersport such as surfing. During the festival you can find around 100 exhibitions of culinary, art, textile, hotel, and many other more stands. There will also be music festival by Legian Legend, /rif, Navicula dan The Groove. As Legian’s most anticipated festival, this festival will bring you a whole new experience with fun activities and competitions like you’ve never seen before. Prepare yourself for The Longest Beachfront Bazaar, bartending show and competition, crossfit competition, beach clean, fashion show and many more. It is only 5 minutes’ walk from Loft Legian Hotel.

Save the date!!!

Photo source: www.baligardenbeachresort.com